Apple iPhone Pictures

2007-01-10 02:10:14
We want to reinvent the phone. What's the killer app? The killer app is making calls! It's amazing how hard it is to make calls on most phones. We want to let you use contacts like never before -- sync your iPhone with your PC or mac. Visual voicemail -- wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to listen to five of them to list to the sixth? Just like email you can go directly to the voicemails that interest you. iPhone is a quad-band GSM + EDGE phone." No 3G! "We have WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0.

Cingular Says:
"We entered into contractual agreement without ever even seeing the phone -- that's because of the confidence I have of Steve to deliver on his vision...

Hmm i wonder how its gonna be like talking on it with your sweaty cheeks. But this thing is gonna be sleek ! ^_^

Imagine dropping it (since its easy to slip your hand) imagine it dropped and .. THUMP ! CRACK ! OUCH !!! >_<

10:47am asia 2008
10:47am Europe by Cal4 this year
10:47am FCC approval takes 2 months
10:47am crowd says "awwww"
10:47am available: shipping in June
10:47am 8GB model - $599
10:47am 4GB model - $499

I guess Asia market would be only seeing this phone in 2008 ... Bummer :`(