Comparing the Malaysian Public Train Transport

2006-01-04 11:54:14
Being a regular LRT passanger i've noticed there are pros and cons of each LRT companies. Here im going to compare 4 types of the public train transport which are Putra, STAR, Komuter, and Monorail. The criterias that im comparing are Driver, Handling, Aircond, People Type, Seats, Speed, Audio, Quietness, Smell, Touch n Go, Waiting Area, Confusing Map System, Price etc. just look at the table will ya ? hahahaha ..

Putra has the best driver of all. Its automatic ! All computerized driven by machine. Any emergency such as people jumping on the rail will result in all putraline halt. Very good. Driven by human. And i have to say they tend to go fast and slow and sometimes halt. Also they tend to do a lot of emergency brakes and sudden movements. Bad experience. Driven by human. Slow and steady. Comparing this to star i think ktm has better drivers then star has. Driven by human. Also same like star. The driven somtimes goes fast sometimes goes slow really not good.
Well since its automated. So handling in putra wouldnt be a problem. Your ride will be smooth solid rock. Ok i guess just that since driven by human. Lots mistake could happend. Stable as said before. Not very stable in my opinion sometimes when you're in the train you feel like you gonna be tipped of from the track due to the track's built.
Used to be cold now im guessing they cut cost on their aircond and the tempreture inside putra is almost the same tempreture outside. Aircond in star is the worst of all the trains. It is never cold and the only way for you to cool down your self is by seating at the metal seats. When there's no aircond people can sufficate due to lack of oxygen. Cold nice and confortable breeze of air. Better comparing to putra and star. However sometimes it tend to turn off its aircond in the middle of the trip and then restart it again. Poorly designed. The best aircond ever ! Get in the monorail and the aircond in there will blow like crazy. Always feel breeze in monorail since i sweat a lot. I wish all train would have the same aircond blower like monorail has to offer.
Quality people, mostly business man, business women, very highly educated people are the types of people that ususally takes putra. This is maybe because most of the putra places are in the developed areas. Mostly normal everyday worker's, the quality of the people here is less comparing to putra. I would say KTM has the least quality of people in it. It's filled with the sub-urban people from out of town. Monorail has better people comparing to ktm and star although mostly people who takes monorail are youngsters and tourists because of the shopping areas monorail are stopping at. You'd prolly see a lot of chinese hot chicks taking monorails ;)
Putra has hard seats. Its pain in the but somtimes. And the seats are kinda small and its fixed one person one seat. Star has a different approach. They made a long metal seats which is cold becuase it absorbs cold which is good! and it doesnt state how many people could sit just as long as it fits. Doesnt care how many. KTM has the most comfortable seats. Cusion and its like a high class train where u face each other in the train. Easy way to start a conversation with strangers. Since you got no other better things ot do on the train/ Worst seat design and layout. Firstly the seats are hard. 2ndly they layout of the seats in the train is not really fully optimized to fit a lot of people. There are seats in the middle of the train which i find very hard to get out when cramp. Sloppy design layot for the seats i must say. Though this fits more people comparing to Kommuter.
Fast, since its automated there's no delay and everythings is on schedule. Also fast but jerks and brakes always happens which is frustrating. Human error. Also fast but its still driven by human. So nothing comparing putra. Moderately speed. Couldt go fast since they had a lot of accidents already and also if they go fast you will definately feel like tipping off.
Modereately quiet. Noisy compare to putra. Very quiet inside. Maybe becaue of the cusion absorbing the sounds. Moderately quiet.
Best audio for train station stops. Automated and efficient never wrong. Those stupid fucks dont even mention the station name correctly and always mumbles. Same .. mumbles. Ya mumbles.. is it so hard to pre-record the voices for all stations ? Geesshhhhh do something people. Learn from putra
Smells sometimes maybe because of the density of the people in it and not enough air flow. Also same modarately no smelly smelly. Funny smell. Maybe because of the cusion absorbs the smell and the smell stays. Very refreshing smell. Maybe because of the powerfull aircond blow.
Touch n Go
Fastest respond. Similar to Putra. Slow.... sometimes error. Have to touch a few times. Very slow ... have to hold your touch and go for a few seconds then only it lets you in. Ticket is much faster than tng.
Waiting Area
Ok seats to wait are just square rocks. Underground stations has aircond so its very confortable. Waiting seats are just poles not very confortable and no fans to cool you down either. They just started to implement fans in main stations i think. They are seats and shades. Moderately ok. Not enough shades for some main station though. The hottest waiting place ever. Though they have fans on some of their stops. You will be sitting on a piece of platter and the seat locations are not strategic at all .. they are at the far end and the entrace are at the other end. Stupid.
Mapp Guide
The easiest way to navigate through putra. Left or right side. That way or this way. Simple and easy ! Best navigational ever. A bit confusing comparing putra. They have 2 lanes one heading sri petaling one heading ampang. Which will confuse and mistakenly by touriest and people. Confusing maps of all. Even at the KL Central station they dont have the proper guide on which train to take. I had to ask a few people of where this train is heading. Not very proper. Easy but some times confusing though to their style of Platform A and Platform B which doesnt reallly show in a graphical way only in a text way. (if u get what i mean).
OK OK OK Expensive
Passenger Density
Very dense. Especially during early morning and end of office time. During those times i had to wait 3 trains pass by before i could get a place in the train. Moderately dense. Never encounter the train is fully packed that i couldnt get in. Its not that sardin kind of pack because of the seating they build in the train causing people to spread out a little. Never encounter fully packed and couldnt get in. Very packed and dense during weekends because people go shopping and sightseeing. Had encounter where its sardin pack and i couldnt get in.
Very good at placing ads. Especially when you're waiting for the train you'll see the ads inside the underground tunnel. And because it always stops at the same place due to its automated system. Ads can easily be placed. They even color their train for ads. Also ads are available in audio as well on the nokia version of the train. Star have ads but only in their stations and posters in train. I never seen the train being used as ads or ads by the audio. Only posters. Ads on stations are only on billboards and not intelligently placed like putra. Ads at station only. None inside the train. Ads on the ticket.. stations.. and even on the walls that holds the tracks. They have TVs that shows ads on the waiting area and music which is good comparing the rest of the stations. They also have ads on the handle where you hold if you're standing which i find very creative ;). I would say Monorail has better ads techniques comparing to putra.
Places it goes.
Goes mostly to developed areas and to KLCC, KL Central, Masjid Jamek which are the central of all train change. Goes to Masjid jamek, and Bandar Tasek Selatan for exchange with ERL and other train services. Goes to Midvalley which is a great shopping place, and also to the far sub-urban areas like Seremban, Nilai etc. Goes mainly in KL to the main attraction shopping places in KL. Very good for touriest to sightseing. Bukit Bintang, Berjaya Timesquare, are the main ones.
Plastic made. Recycled. Good. The plastic are virtually indestructable. Paper made. Recycled. Good. Though because its paper. Its desctructable. Paper made. Not recycled. Ticket used are thrown away. Waste of paper and printing materials. SO STUPID ! Plastic made. Recycled. Good. The plastic are virtually indestructable.