When will that day be?

2007-01-12 09:42:59
It has been a baffling question for me as well.. it has been six years .. (six freakin years) that I've been single. It it has struck me for the last 1 year that i need to do something to get a girl.

It's so funny and ironic to see that everyones around me (most of them) are not single. In my circle of friends, most of my friends have girlfriend or boyfriend and some of them are married as well .. hey .. im still 23 (and some of my friends are married ?? WTF) even when i look at society in general, going to mamak etc. makan yumcha etc. i see a lot of couples walking around eating together etc. but why are the rest of the world upon my eyes each and everyone of them has a couple but not me?

Baffling ...
I've been always asking my self.. why did i never get a girl? what did i do wrong? or was i just unlucky to be in a circle that i can't meet the girl of my dreams.. or do i just don't have the quality of a girl's needs.

I'm 23 now, working, independently living on my own, and having the time of my life now, livin the life (if u know what i mean). But with all these great life experience right now .. the fact that im not sharing this moments with someone i can love .. it just doesn't feel complete.

As to most of you who are reading my blog here you already know and it has been a known fact to me since i was young that i only tend to like and lean against 中文女孩 (Chinese girls) please dont ask me why its just how and who i am which is why it is kind of hard for me to scout my potentials. The circle of friends that i have currently tend to have little of this niche type of mine.

It is so hard being "me" and trying to get through these girls. Beleive me, ive been through a lot of dating experience and failing rejection aproach experience that just made me want to give up sometimes. But whats life without challenges eh ? hehehehe ^^ my expectations of them are not as high as you might think. I am not that shallow. A typical girl is good enough for me. As she will be the girl who can share experience and dinner and company and etc. would be good enough for me ^^ but really, I can bet you that my expectation are not as high as you might think.

Some of my friends despise me for my nature of likings. They always say that complication may arise and it is quite hard to integrate the way of living. I get what they are saying but then again .. whats life without challenges ^^

My dating experience and my close observation of these niche has brought me to the attention that in order for me to reach to them, I cant have them adapt with me, it just wouldnt work that way. The only way for me to breach the bubble is for me to adapt with them. It would take huge efforts, time, sacrifise in order for a MM like me to make these kind of changes. Hence the expression "When theres a will, theres a way" Hahahah ! ^^

With determination and some courage and reason to do so, Ive started to try to blend in the bubble. Ive started to learn the culture, the language, taking classes and lessons, listening to the music, the etc. and so the list goes on at some point of the transition I wondered to myself. Is all this time and sacrifice made would be worth it? Would I breach the bubble and finally reach to these niche areas. I always wondered .. it has been almost 6 month now and I am sometimes baffled that why the heck I still coudlnt get my self someone still? though the dating and self confidence now has greatly improved nowadays.

So hence im just seeking an opinion from you people here. What do you think and what do you have to say after reading my long heart expression of my quest for 中文女朋友 (Chinese girlfriend) now? Are my actions were a waste of time? Or what? And why I still couldnt find that someone for me now.. Love to hear some opinion from you guys.