2 Unexpectable People Turned Up

2006-01-11 16:27:14
Ho Ho Ho Selamat Hari Raya Haji. Yeah, didnt go for the prayers hahahaha .. so much of the Ho Ho Ho eh. So Raya Haji was kinda busy for me, not with raya but with all those shit i need to settle with the bank and work stuff + there's a few stuff i need to handle. So went to KJ that day, starve my self the whole day hoping that murni would fill me up that night.

I went to Jeghui's place and lepak there till magrib to go to murni, played the new mortal kombat platform ko-op game with him till Pedu came to pickup Acap at rendezvous point and we head on from there. Due to jeghui's slowmotion's motion wearing his socks, we'd save a trip to murni. It was closed on Raya Haji .. DAMNIT !!!!

So off we go to uptown where half of the shops there are closed, divert to hartamas where the city never sleeps. (hagham bandar hartamas aje, city hang, siti nurhaliza ah). Unexpectedly, mad pah suprisingly showed up after a long long long long time no see. As we had our conversation about life and shit .. out of the blue, acap spotted Mighui.. speak of the devil betol lah baru je mention mighui tadi. So the korum expand and more stories came in. It was a great night though it was a unsatisfactory tummy that Murni had closed for my lil bro's bro. and i had to rush home to putra where i missed the putra time 11:15pm and the KJ station was closed. So overnight at jeghui's place.

Left his house the next morning at 6:45am jalan sorang sorang ~~~ coz i had to rush back and prepare for office today. Everything was cool. I even get to ehem ehem before i left for the office. Hahahahah ! ^_^ it was a good day. Tonight is my revenge for Murni ! Hope they are open !!!