Memoirs of a Geisha

2006-01-27 17:37:09
A must see movie ! I didnt realyze how beautiful Zhang Ziyi and how cute she was until i watched this movie. So far, i know Zhang Ziyi, but never felt that she was so cute and makes me smile when you see her laugh. This movie is kinda slow but was kinda interesting to watch and learn how these Geisha was back in the early days. Japan culture are so unique and special. After watching this movie, i searched for other of her movie to watch. Rush hour 2, House of flying daggers. Hahahah mmg takde keje. In house flying daggers she was blind so cam tak bes sket. In Rush hour 2 she was really evil lookinggg.. only in Geisha shes well behaved.. hahhhahah ! apa kejadah aku merepek ni ... just watch the movie lah !

Oh she's my wallpaper now ^_^