Google Earth with GPS

2006-02-28 14:27:57
So malsingmaps said that its not possible for me to do Google Earth with gps.. well guess what ? I managed to do it on my own. With the help of some 3rd party application i managed to get it working with google earth .. i tell u ar the transition of google earth's maps is so smooth that u bes gila tengok. Mmg excited gila nak tgk the map and seeing the labels and stuff. I mange to get it work on my EMINEM laptop and it was superb. I showed it to menon as well he was excited as a boy openings his christmas present.

So i also tried to install it in my VAIO Crusoe. Well as expected it runs slow but not as slow as expected as i found the Video driver that enables the ATI to use its 8MB potential on the windows enviroment. So google earth runs moderately slow on the VAIO but its navigatable enough for pinpointing your location. So now im using the slow VAIO instead in the car and it does serve its purpose .. i dont think investing on another laptop just for the sake of GPS is worth the effort and money spent. So im just gonna use the VAIO instead for GPS. Coz if u think about it .. how much GPS u use if u already know the road. You only use it when u dont know the road. And also mapking runs smooth as hell now .. so im happy with the results.. go GPS.. cant wait for the gathering soon.

Take a look at my Google Earth GPS Video here:
Right Click Save Target As Here

Its 3GP format so if u cant view it on your PC. Use your Nokia handphone to view it. And dont ask me how to transfer to your handphone.