Url shorterner should differentiate L & i

2010-07-11 04:13:16
There's a horror story behind my all time favorite URL shortener. There is nothing shorter than 4 letter domain. The best i could think of for a .my domain is a.my would be nice (taken) i dont know who owns it, im guessing all the 1 letter .my are fully squatted. J.MP (JUMP) is my all time favorite url shortener now.

A little trick i learn from Liewcf.com is that for fast url shortening, all you have to do is to just add a j.mp/ in front of your url bar and you're done. See screenshot:

The reason i use this a lot is that sometimes i need to transfer a damn fucking long url to my iPhone (for image transferring, imageshack long ass url), hence i dont wanna type everything, using j.mp shortens up nicely, but theres one problem.

YOU CANT DIFFERENCIATE l and I (That's lowercase L and uppercase i) IT LOOKS THE FUCKING SAME! and because of this i cant really transfer or re-type the url on my iPhone. I hope the people in j.mp bit.ly or any URL shortening would remove L's and i's in their salt or just show a different font that can differenciate l and I. Please ... pretty please.

l vs I

Ok ... Wordpress default font has a difference :-)

On the side joke --> http://twitter.com/arsyan/status/26517912803