Summary of the recent past

2006-05-09 16:37:23
Hahahahha no time to blog. Why? Yeah lots of new activities coming around these days, ive been neglecting my computer scene for quite a while now. So busy with stuff, work is taking most of my time and now having people sniffing around my butt on what im doing in the office has made work seems no fun nemore. Another snap in the head and im just gonna leave and get back to my old happy freedom no butt sniffing life. Dont u supposed to follow your heart and achieve your dreams?

So recent happenings .. (opening my palm for expense reference so i can see what i did for the past few un-blogged weeks) :

- Went out with some new friends met on net Dini and Akzhelan (from Kazakhstan) both of them are friends. We went to ikano to show her around and ou etc. and went for the Ultra Violet movie which suck big time btw. Special effect ok .. storyline bad ..

- Got some new pants and shirt sent to the taylor halim recomended by a colleague. I got 2 pairs shirt and pants still in box untouched. Still havent tried to see it fits or not.

- Got my mom the Bond collection for her birthday she was so happy. Went to japanese restaurant and had dinner there for celebration.

- Shopping in sg wang bought my self a cap for RM5 (the salesgirls was hot :P)

- Went with a fren to a horse race at palace of golden horses. Now i know how u bet on a horse race. WIN and PLACE. It was fun but i didnt bet anything. Maybe next time ;) Horse Race happens once everymonth on a weekend.

- Suzie's bumper had a huge scar, was kissing a toyota bumper while i was reversing to get out of parking. SHITTTT ! Went back i took the dishwasher liquid and try to peel it off.. Luckily it went off without a scar.. Fuhhh ~~~~~ poor Suzie ;) heheheheh..

- Ive started to download all the tv series that ive neglected all this while. Now finding the time to extract download and watch it.

- Had recent action with afiq and menon (finally lah menon after going silent MIA for 1 month) also met up with Shima at True Fitness, apparently i dragged her into joining and i think now she's enrolled in the gym. Hahahah hope to see her soon there. (Shima is kinda hot now :P)

That's ALL FOLKS !