Saya polis ! Saya bawak bom !

2007-01-13 08:54:25
Sorry Ope i couldnt make it to your party, woke up at 10pm today. Checked my sms and i got a few pending to be replied. Elaine's the recent one so replied to her asked her out for dinner. Yay ! She said ok.

So i showered clean my self up and straight went to pick her up. Was planning to take her to Nailis the new rum jungle kinda restaurant i just discovered recently. (quite a nice place). Surprisingly Nailis on a Friday night has a lot of 华人.

So before we even reach Nailis there was a slight accident. Ok here's what happend. I was supposed to find a parking at Nailis but it was full and it was raining. So i had to make a uturn. It was a proper place to make a uturn but out of the blue when i was braking to make a uturn. BANG ! A motocyclist hit me from the back. Oh shit .. trouble coming .. !

So i stopped the car on the side and went out to see if he's ok or any damage on my car. Not even a scratch on my car (funny). Im guessing there was no damage on the guy's motorbike but the made it look like it was so damaged. (he opened up something) it was a slow bump on my suzie's ass.

Anyway ... so the conversation goes as follows:

me : abang ok bang ?
XX : mana ok awak tgk ni ?
me : apahal tu ?
XX : ni tercabut ni..
me : so macam mana ni
XX : macam mana apa ? awak tu berenti kat situ signal tak bagi ..
me : saya tak nampak moto abang pon lampu tarak (there was no light but he said coz accident broken)
XX : eh awak tahu saya sapa ? saya polis tau !!!

wooooo ~~~~ (yelahtu polis bawak moto kapcai burok gila muka macam indon)

XX : saya boleh tangkap awak masuk lokap skarang ni tau.
XX : awak tahu saya bawak apa dalam moto tu ? ada bom tau.. kalau meletup tadi macam mana?


me : habis tu macam mana .. ok lah saya settle la saya bayar la rosak tu. brapa ?
XX : awak cakap awak nak bagi brapa ?
me : RM50 ok yer ?
me : habis tu 50 aje saya ada ni nak pegi makan jap gi tinggal singgit je ni
me : kalau macam ni susah kita pergi balai polis aje la

(aku masuk kete stuju nak ikot dier pegi balai polis) SUDDENLY !

XX : *ketuk* *ketuk* *tingkap* bagi saya IC awak
me : saya nak bagi pakcik(pk) makcik(mk) tu salin IC awak (ada kedai makan situ)

(i got out the car again)

XX : ni pakcik makcik ada kertas ngan pen tak
me : ha tulis number telefon budak ni tulis ic dia ngan number kereta dia

(fulamak dier king gila suruh orang sana sini)

pk : WHISPER2ME dier ni ntah sapa ni bukan polis penipu. awak nanti awak lari aje. bukan perkara besar pon ni.

pk : ni kenapa nak tinggikan suara ni .. kita selesai secara aman la .. kan dier dah nak bagi awak RM50 awak ambil la dulu besok awak repair motor awak kemudian awak kalau tak cukup awak telefon dia mintak la dia duit selebihnya. kita sesama bangsa sendiri tolong menolong la sesama orang melayu.

XX : dia bukan orang melayu dier CINA!

(............... ok .... wtf la kan ? hahahahah)

pk : ehhh ~~ dier ni melayu la awak !
me : yer yer bang betol tu saya orang melayu le .. (hahahahha)
XX : ........
XX : kenapa awak tak cakap awal awal tadi?
XX : kan senang tadi awak mintak maaf aje dengan saya
me : ok ok sorry bang sorry ..

XX : Nama saya Abdul Adnan *menghulur tgn salam* saya orang kuat sini .. ada apa apa hal awak boleh cari saya. saya duduk dekat sini aje

me : oo ok ok .. saya betul ni bang saya ada RM51 aje ni kalau abang nak duit ni amik la dulu saya boleh pinjam duit kawan nak makan.

XX : takpelah .. awak simpan la dulu nanti apa apa hal saya telefon awak.
me : so ok lah bang settle ar sini ..
XX : ha ok lah ...
me : ok pakcik tima kasih yer ..
pk : sama sama ... ha kan bagus macam ni .. ok ok slamat jalan hati hati !
XX : ok jumpa lagi .. *he waved at me while i get in the car*

-end of conversation-

Ok so this is like a major turn of event. First of all i sense that he might saw Elaine in the car and hence the assumption that im a Chinese.. he was speaking in a chinese ascent with me in the begenning. But whats funny is that when he found out i was a malay .. and the sudden change of events and attidude .. wow .. hes such a racist ... !

Anyway it was very lucky that there was no trouble involve. After that i was so relief and straight went to have my dinner with Elaine. Luckily i have Elaine on my side to be there for me... it would have been much stressfull without having someone there. Haha ! THE END