March 2007 : The Story So Far

2007-03-21 18:42:18
It has been long.

Well the busy days has emerges recently in my life. So what the hell have ive been doing for the past 20 days since i last blogged ?

Heres a summary :

  • Been working on latest advertlets project intensively non stop straight sampai jerawat pon terkeluar sebab rushing before the gathering of the Together-gether Blog Meetup.

  • Discovered a lot of new technique of programming especially the issue of Cross-Domain scripting that i never knew existed untill recently

  • Went to bloggers meetup and met some of Malaysian famous bloggers or blogs site that i have stumble upon before and never knew how they were. It was fun and i even met kimberlychun and the Spymy developer. Hahahha what a small world.

  • Lan had BBQ dinner last weekend. So met up with a bunch of KYS peeps and new people. ^^

  • Went to Buddy concert with Choon Ming and made fun of the joke they made. "Saya suruh cakap hei dier cakap wei" HAHAHA (apahal aku gelak sorang ni)

  • Saw Cyril's Takayama latest performance 2007. A lot of hot chick and new magic techniques that Cyril has adopted.

  • Thats about it ... seems so long but then so little stuff that i had done. I really need to do some soul searching in Japan. ^^v gambatte ne ! Thats all for now.