IKEA with Arep

2006-02-10 19:22:30
RM600++ for a sofa bed, thats what my mom told me. Went to IKEA with Arep and met up with Khalil and Syazmir. Went to Ace hardware looking for acyrilic or whatever shit they call it for khalil. i went to browse some hardware shop and car accesories section hehehe. Bought my self a magic cloth for cleaning stuff in car, and the magic mat for putting stuff on the dashboard so that it doesnt slide. Nowadays always facinated by car accesories section, never did before .. hahah suprisingly. Also wanted to buy a portable fan but sadly the fan was too noisy so it wouldnt be wise to bring it to the office. Later went to IKEA but didnt find any sofa bed that suits my need.

Ah well .. later that night had dinner at Sushi King Kelana Jaya Giant, Arep didnt want to join so i sent him home.. walked around with mir and lil at giant, that night we all went detour around KL .. then go back .. very productive day. Oh and i saw this nice Bed in Giant only cost RM299, also bought pillow for my room and compass for my car so that i know where north is when i imagining google map. Hahaha me crazy with google map ..