Summary of the recent past ...

2006-04-17 12:22:24
I have now started to like Mines Shopping Fair, why ? Coz shops there are affordable and it is just plain straight to the point of the stuff u need. Unlike ou where its freakin huge but shops there are like Channel, Gucci, or whatever high brand stuff which i never go into .. also mines has quite the hot chicks also. But canot lawan ou loh .. haha ..

Recently bought Colgate 360 which is the new revolution berus gigi where it has a 360 brush and an extra toungue cleaner.

Bought lots of gym shorts and shirts now so that i have enuff to wear for my gym that i go everyday. Last week was worst attendance because had some trouble with a scammer (read the scammer blog)

Met up with Intan (hisham's friend) who had hosted Cheeky Hour 11am Sunday TV3 at william. Got along with her very well. Shes much much older than my batch apparently ... she looked 22 and acted like a 22 year old though. Fun time.

Petrol vpower 35litres at BTS gives me 380KM .. fuck ! this must have been the calibration of the nozzle in shell BTS. DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT ever isi your petrol there. Everytime i isi there i seemed to be getting bad FC (fuel consumption).

8 Below the movie and When a Stranger Calss both sux real time and unfortunately those were the 2 recent movie i watched and both sucked to the maximum to the infinity. Trailers are good but the movies are not. Highly not recomended to watch. Went with Zulaikha and rushed at teppanyaki pyramid for dinner before the 8 below movie. Teppanyaki there had refils .. very nice ! ^_^ im craving for teppanyaki now i dont know why.

Went for a Thai massage the other day. It wasnt that satisfying coz the massuer was to soft it didnt had any effect on me. Prolly she had to massage harder. Anyway next time will go there without body scrub coz the body scrub was bullshit .. i scrub better my self.

Went on a solo mission to beach club the other day just to release some steam (tension) and had a great time. Met a few foreigners people who are really really friendly. I wish afiq or jerui was there with me, unfortunately they missed the fun. Good times ...

William again with Azrul and Arep yesterday. Normal chit chat, baked pasta wasnt that great. Should have ordered mee raja. Raja Azrul. {"krusi mana" , "lap siket" , "apa meja tak bes ni", "mona?")

So .. thats all folks .. till next time ;) cya !