Purchase Windows XP and Free Vista Upgrade

2007-02-01 19:41:29
So I went to lowyat the other day to get my harddisk for my laptop replaced. On the ground floor of lowyat there's free coaster of Windows Vista so i took one. I heard about getting the free upgrade for XP to Vista during the latest PC FAIR but i wasnt so clear about it. And evene today on the MS booth it wasnt that clear of what the Upgrade means and whats the difference in buying Non Upgrade and Upgrade. Gawd , the guy on the booth couldn't even tell that Business version is different than Ultimate, he kept saying its the same. He doesnt even fucking know whats the price range also. Im suspecting RM1000++ for Vista Ultimate.

Buy Windows XP Home Edition --> Get Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade

Buy Windows XP Professional --> Get Windows Vista Business Upgrade

Ok so you dont get the Ultimate version of Vista. Oh! So that you know theres like 6 version of Widows Vista this time. Starter, Basic, Premium, Business, Enterprise and ULTIMATE ! The main question i've been asking is what fuck difference is Upgrade and a Non Upgrade? Here's what im guessing..

The upgrade means that you running in in XP mode and then upgrade your current windows to Vista. It's just like the Windows 98 days upgrade to XP. You files remains in-tact and startmenu has all your previous programs but the whole platform of windows has changed. So does your file system.

However the guy at the m$ mooth was saying that .. "oh its not .. its a fresh install .. because its different operating system" .. <-- w.t.f? Ok i may be wrong .. he might be right .. so what does the difference between the Upgrade and the Non-Upgrade version?

As i was saying, upgrade means from XP enviroment upgrading to Vista. However the non upgrade is a fresh install. With creating partition and etc. just like the original installation of Windows XP. I always beleieve that fresh install is the way to go as all your shit are gone and u start fresh. Upgrade means theres tiny bits of pieces that you dont want that i call GARBAGE are still there in your system.

So heres my 2 cents. Let's just see how much Vista is priced and see if i can afford an original. Else i just pirate lah till the times comes we cant pirate ne more, then i buy original ? ok ? Hey, i pirate not for commercial use, im just trying to learn and like vista. ^^

See you guys Saturday at lowyat, hope i can win an Ultimate :)