Last minute movie decision

2006-02-10 16:02:48
It was after murni that night when we were feeling like we wanted to go somewhere (we=me,menon) and on the way back from murni we pass thru midvalley. Just to brag about my phone (Treo 650) if it wasnt for the Treo650 we wouldnt have know what were the showtimes were instantly before we passed midvalley. So Treo showed midvalley showtimes has passed already, so we skipped midvalley. Browsing through more cinema list in the phone we found one 12:40am at Cheras Leisure Mall.

It was 12:30am when we decided to go there. Driving like crazy not knowing for sure where Cheras Leisure Mall the only clue where it is was in my head imagining google map. Luckily we arrived in time and parked just around the wayang area. Bought ticket and we had like the best seats ever although it was already 12:40am. Im guessing that those were the booked seats unclaimed that were us that time.

Walking around the mall (full of chinese) i bumped into Aiman(KMYS) with her boyfriend who happend to be watching the same show time as well. Cinema wasnt that great like TGV or GSC but its convinient as its so near to my house Cheras. Movie was awfull, Feerless. I slept halfway thru out the show and didnt know what happend. All i remember that there were great fight scenes and a pretty blind girl. All and all, dont watch feerless. Just get a download copy or vcd/dvd ciplak to watch it.