Limera1n Not Working - Tips to get it working

2010-10-10 14:41:29
10.10.10 is the day i've been waiting for, the official announcement of the limera1n release, a bootrom-level exploit that was told unpatchable (it requires hardware patch not software) hence all the manufactured iPhones to date will be jailbreak-able. It didn't work on 1st attempt, but here are the steps i did to make it work...

The current release only works on Windows. I used Parallels Desktop to do the jailbreak at 1st, it had said successfully jailbreak but my limera1n icon didn't appear though i restarted and repeat the procedure 10x times.

I finally decide to boot in native Windows 7 (Boot Camp) mode and install the latest 10.1 iTunes. On the side note (im not sure weather this has anything to do with anything) i disabled my passcode unlock too because i didn't see the green limera1n icon during the process so i decided to disable the passcode maybe it has something to do with it or anything im not sure but this is just what i did. Another note that im also in Administrator mode in Windows.

Then... VIOLA! It worked, i can see the limera1n icon instead of @geohot 's picture LOL. Im so happy now thanks alot to @geohot & @comex for this awesome release. Cheers.

-Works on Macbook Pro Boot Camp Mode Windows 7
-Download latest version of iTunes
-Disable Passcode Lock (Unsure)
-Run as Administrator