I weigh 81 freakin kg

2006-03-23 11:01:55
Went to a personal training session with Eri in TF. Went to check my body weight and my height to have my BMI checked. Apparently i weigh 81KG !!!! Man ! I was 70kg in Jan 2004 and gain 10kg in 2 years time ? Woahhh ! However i dont feel that heavy. Anyway my BMI was on the fence which is 25 its the Max for Normal and Min for Overweight. Went for the personal training session and i tell u ar penat gila ! Hahahhah apparently i need to loose more weight and i am considered OBese. Argh damn ! No wonder 90% of americans are obese. Its not to late for me to trim down. Still 23, young and healthy. (yeah rite). Determination is the key! :P