My Favourite Places to Eat

2006-06-21 14:56:27
As always, im always am in the quest to find a good place to eat. Like previously, SS2 Murni and William are still at the top list though William has notch up its menus and pricing whilst SS2 Murni still maintains its pricing and quality of food. Unlike William, the food quality fluctuates everytime you gave them a visit. Im still not confident enough with the integrity of the waiter taking your order and the quality taste of the food will be the same like the last time you came.

I've also recently encountered a new place to eat which is quite near to my house only 6.6km. It is called Medan Selera Kuchai Lama. Im already addicted with the ikan bakar and the ketam (like fatty crab in KJ).

Since i just discovered about Wikimapia, now i can easily show you where are these 3 favourite place to eat :

1. SS2 Murni
2. William Kedai Haram Tepi Jalan
3. Medan Selera Kuchai Lama

Enjoy your food ;) im going to have my ikan bakar again today. Y^_^