Kidnapped !

2006-01-27 17:01:50
So it was the day when i was feelign bored staying home and i decided to just walk around shopping complex looking at girls and do misclaneous stuff just to get out of the system for a while. So then i rang Acap and decided to go to OU and so i head to KJ. As i arrived Pedu and Acap picked me up at the station KJ. The funny thing is they were wearing shorts and hadn ot took their shower yet. So i ask, are we going now? And they answered no not yet coz we hadnt shower. (didnt mention at all that they were not going) untill i reach Acap's house and as Acap closes his house door. He declares "Eh pedu ko nak pegi OU ke ?" Pedu immidately reply with no hestitation or thinking or pause "Maleh ar.." it was almost like a scripted drama ..

and WTF was i there for ? kidnapped, locked in Acap's house with no sort of transportation to run away. If i'd known, i wouldnt have come to KJ, i would have wonder somewhere else by myself. And the purpose of kidnapping me ...?

... remains a mystery ! but fact remains that im pissed ...