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Inovasi Pengiklanan

Kosmo Inifinity (2014-Nov-19th)

“Aplikasi Baucar yang berhubung dengan peranti Beacon ini membantu saya mengetahui setiap promosi terbaharu yang diadakan di pusat beli-belah ini.”

Arsyan buktikan 'gila IT' bukan sia-sia

Berita Harian (2014-Nov-10th)

Anak muda bangun pelbagai aplikasi industri dotcom untuk kepuasan diri, jana pendapatan lumayan. Arsyan menghabiskan kebanyakan masa senggangnya untuk bereksperimen dengan pelbagai projek laman web baharu.

The power of presence: Leveraging on location based data

The Star (2014-Nov-24th)

iKhasas has partnered with 1337 Tech Sdn Bhd, developers of a ­location based advertising platform known as Baucar and data analytics solutions provider, Tide Analytics Sdn Bhd to achieve this feat.

SUPERB 2.0 - Terajui Impian Anda

Astro Awani (2014-July-25th)

Ikuti perjalanan peserta-peserta 'SUPERB - Terajui Impian Anda' yang telah memasuki musim kedua. Skim Permulaan Usahawan Bumiputera (SUPERB) merupakan inisiatif terkini Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (TERAJU) dalam usaha melahirkan individu bumiputera untuk memulakan perniagaan dengan idea yang kreatif serta inovatif. Siri kedua Superb telah melibatkan 10 agensi pembiayaan dana dalam memastikan pemenang Superb dapat mengakses kepada lebih banyak sumber dana.

Startup Solutions to Transform The Retail Sector

The EDGE - TechBytes (2014-July-21st)

"This is a game changer for retail, museums and stuff. If you're talking about indoors, it's iBeacon."

Inisiatif Bantu Usahawan Bumiputera

Kosmo (2014-July-17th)

NAJIB (sembilan dari kiri) mengucapkan tahniah kepada penerima sijil pada majlis pengumuman pemenang Superb Bizpitch Siri Ke-2 di Putrajaya semalam. Turut kelihatan ialah Muhyiddin (lapan dari kiri)

Teraju Agih RM14 Juta Kepada 28 Penerima Geran Superb

Suara TV (2014-July-17th)

Dato Seri Najib berkata “Saya berharap geran SUPERB ini akan digunakan sebaik-baiknya untuk mengkomersialkan idea anda sehingga ke tahap seterusnya,” kata beliau pada majlis pengumuman pemenang SUPERB BizPitch Siri Kedua 2014 di Bangunan Perdana Putra di sini, Khamis.

Fifteen SUPERB BizPitch recipients excelled to commercialise ingenious ideas

Astro Awani - Business (2014-July-17th)

Among the 15 winners, there was one participant who made a comeback for series two with a different business idea. “My advice to those who did not make it this time, never give up, because that was what I did. Come back for the third series” Arsyan Ismail, CEO of 1337 Tech Sdn Bhd said during an interview with Astro AWANI.

Teraju disburses RM14m to 28 recipients

New Straits Times (2014-July-17th)

PUTRAJAYA: The Bumiputera Agenda Steering Unit (TERAJU) has so far disbursed RM14 million in grants to 28 recipients under theBumiputera Entrepreneurs Startup Scheme (SUPERB) to commercialise innovative ideas. Fifteen recipients from the second series of SUPERB received RM7.5 millionin grants from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today.

Accelorators and their role in the knowledge economy

The Star - Metro (2014 July 16th)

“We invest in the best minds in the country. The teams here have to earn their way into the programme. They have to pitch their ideas to us and they have to get past a stringent panel to see if they have an investor-worthy idea and can contribute back to the ecosystem.

SUPERB: Terajui Impian Anda Siri ke-2

Astro Awani (2014 Jul 1st)

Usahawan Tekno Bitcoin

Astro Awani (2014 June 29th)

Echelon 2014: A sneak peek at the Malaysian startup scene (2014 June 17th)

Arsyan Ismail is the Founder and CEO of Baucar (pronounced “Bao-char”), which offers location-based advertising using iBeacon technology. According to him, major challenges for startups are in marketing, especially with technically sophisticated products that require educating customers. He also highlighted underdeveloped VC and angel investor networks and an over-reliance on government grants as an area of concern in the Malaysian startup ecosystem.

Aplikasi Baucar membolehkan pemilik premis perniagaan melakukan pemasaran berdasarkan lokasi pelanggan. (2014 June 5th)

Sementara itu, pengasas WWW 1337 Tech Sdn. Bhd., Arsyan Ismail berkata, beliau turut menggunakan Beacon bagi membangunkan aplikasi Baucar yang membolehkan pemilik premis perniagaan melakukan pemasaran berdasarkan lokasi pelanggan, pembayaran tanpa sentuh, kupon daftar masuk, mengesan prestasi jualan dan mempromosikan mata ganjaran kepada pelanggan.

1337 Accelerator Steps Up the Pace (2014 June 2nd)

In the recent batch, 1337 Acceler­ator stepped away from game apps and went towards new verticals like education, retail, analytics and social networks. These include Wary Bee, a wearable personal safety app; Baucar, a proximity marketing app using the iBeacon technology; and Onz,an social app for building recreational sporting communities.

Pay for Nasi Dagang with Bitcoin (2014 May 25th)

All you have to do at Capital Nasi Dagang Kelantan is pay via the electronic terminal within this restaurant, said proprietor Arsyan Ismail, who is also chief executive officer of online marketplace

Bitcoin-Accepting Restaurant is Malaysia’s First (2014 May 14th)

Nasi Dagang Capital is using merchant payment software developed especially for the Malaysian market by Arsyan Ismail, CEO of company

Available for Android devices in the Google Play store, Bitcoin POS (also known as Bitcoin Terminal) is a point-of-sale app that processes bitcoin payments and deposits local currency into a bank account.

Capital Restaurant Nasi Dagang in Malaysia Accepting Bitcoin (2014 May 12th)

Bitcoin continues to expand into our everyday lives with Malaysia getting its first Bitcoin restaurant this Sunday for Mothers Day (see announcement). The restaurant has received a great feedback from customers and now, to attract more people hungry for East Coast dishes they decided to add Bitcoin payment method that is powered by Arsyan, the CEO of

Good news! 1337 Ventures has a pre-accelerator programme for startups (2014 May 2nd)

1337 Accelerator has recently started its third batch of startups, with focus on retail analytics, indoor positioning systems, wearable tech and proximity marketing, among others. However, the objective of launching a different kind of accelerator (Alpha) is to fill a gap 1337 Ventures sees in the ecosystem.

Money Talks

The Star - Tech News (2014 April 14th)

Currently, Arsyan enables merchants who sell products on to accept Bitcoin and will convert it to cash for them automatically. However, like the other local online retailers, ­payments made with Bitcoin on still amounts to a very small ­percentage.

Arsyan says the biggest hurdle to Bitcoin acceptance is that most people find it very hard to understand the concept, and there are no local exchanges for buying and selling Bitcoin.

Najib Beri Semangat Kepada Peserta SUPERB

Utusan Malaysia - Bisnes (2014 April 2nd)

Skim SUPERB di bawah TERAJU mendapat sambutan hangat dengan 1,791 permohonan diterima dari seluruh negara. Selepas saringan, hanya 49 peserta memasuki peringkat separuh akhir untuk merebut peluang mendapatkan geran sehingga RM500,000 bagi merealisasikan idea-idea inovatif menjadi perniagaan yang berjaya.

1337 Accelerator kicks-off third batch; meet the new startups!

Yahoo News (2014 April 2nd)

The startups encapsulate a diverse group covering areas such as retail analytics, wearable tech, proximity marketing, etc.

1337 Accelerator kicks-off third batch; meet the new startups! (2014 April 2nd)

Baucar: A smart hyperlocal advertising app which leverages iBeacon technology to enable proximity marketing, contact-less payment, check-in coupons, and allows merchants to track sales and promote loyalty points.

Amazon Reportedly Buys Malaysian Mobile Startup, Working on An 'Ambitious' New Project (2014 April 1st)

We are please to announce that we are finally moving forward to a better future! With Amazon on our side, we will conquer the E-Commerce Space here in Malaysia! We tried to keep it quiet but TechCrunch has its ways!

Investors Believe Their New Currency Will Shine

The Star - Nation (2014 March 30th) founder Arsyan Ismail started accepting Bitcoins three months ago on its online marketplace as “an additional payment system” to make it more convenient for shoppers.

Admitting that not many are paying with Bitcoins yet, Arsyan believes its popularity will grow.

Arsyan Ismail - CEO of 1337 Tech and Supports Bitcoin (2014 January 16th)

It’s pretty refreshing to find a new Bitcoin supporter in Malaysia and it’s none other than Arsyan Ismail, the CEO and Founder of 1337 Tech.

Pembangun Hadir Dengan Pasar Pertukaran Bitcoin – CoinsMalaysia (2014 Jan 15th)

Baru-baru ini, telah pun mengimplementasikan sokongan penerimaan pembayaran menggunakan Bitcoin, sekaligus menjadi yang terawal di Malaysia menambah sokongan tersebut. Eyes Organic Growth, Adds Bitcoin to the Mix (2014 Jan 15th) passes 100,000 registered users, aims to increase sales and merchants. Optimistic on future of cryptocurrencies, adds Bitcoin as a payment method. Menambah Sokongan Pembayaran Melalui Bitcoin (2013 December 20th)

Bitcoin sedia menjadi bualan hangat pengguna internet sejak beberapa bulan ini. Dengan lebih ramai yang mula menggunakan Bitcoin, kini pihak pembangun dilihat telah mengintegrasikan sokongan pembayaran melalui Bitcoin pada perkhidmatan mereka.

Learn from the Masters!

Exabytes E-commerce Conference 2013 (2013 December 3rd-4th)

SMEs Need to Catch Online Wave

FocusM - SME (2013 April 6th-12th)

The newest kid on the block,, simplifies the idea of selling items online. Started by 1337 Tech Sdn Bhd founder Arsyan Ismail, the idea came about when his mother wanted to sell her handbags online but did not know where to start and turned to him for help.

Ambitious Malaysian Startup Could Change Online Commerce Through (2013 April 1st)

It has been 3 months since, the Malaysian Startup 1337 Tech Sdn Bhd launched touting the tagline of "Simplest way to sell" and is aimed at anyone who wants to get started with selling goods online but lakcs confidence in navigating the digital realm. Memperkenalkan Antaramuka Baru Dengan Penambahan Beberapa Fungsi Baru (2013 February 3rd) merupakan salah satu laman jual beli yang mula beroperasi sejak tahun lepas, dan kini mereka memberikan nafas baru kepada laman utama mereka, sekaligus membawakan penambahan beberapa fungsi baru padanya. Offers E-commerce Easy Enough for Mom (2013 Jan 18th)

New online marketplace wants to make selling goods online even easier and features object image recognition with predictive algorithms to automate the process of putting items on sale.

Is Mobile Commerce Here, Finally? (2012 October 10th)

Arsyan notes that mobile payment gateways still don’t provide an interface that can be customised to suit the apps user interface and user experience. According to him, these ‘mobile’ versions of the payment gateway only provide a ‘simpler’ version of the payment gateway interface. “I can tell you this is an absolute turn-off to the developers building the app, and also disrupts the entire user experience of the app,” he cautions. – Memudahkan Anda Mengetahui Promosi Di Pasaraya Berdekatan (2012 November 6th)

New online marketplace wants to make selling goods online even easier and features object image recognition with predictive algorithms to automate the process of putting items on sale.

1337 Bus Makes Rousing Debut (2012 May 21st)

Arsyan and his team emerged winners with a chilling app called PassOn. Perfect for those among us who are meticulous planners, including our eventual passing on.

Aplikasi iOS Dikemaskini Dengan Fungsi Sosial – Kini Lebih Mesra Penjual Dan Pengguna (2012 June 27th)

Dengan perkembangan jual-beli melalui arena internet, salah satu laman jual-beli yang berkembang secara positif pada beberapa bulan kebelakangan ini adalah Hari ini, pembangun laman tersebut memperkenalkan kemaskini untuk aplikasi iOS yang diperkenalkan sebelum ini, menyertakan beberapa fungsi baru bersama dengannya. Untuk iOS Diperkenalkan – Memudahkan Proses Memuat-Naik Gambar (2012 May 23rd)

Dalam banyak-banyak laman jual-beli tempatan, salah satu yang dilancarkan dengan konsep memudahkan pengguna adalah, dan kini ia kelihatan aplikasi iOS untuk telah pun terdapat pada AppStore, untuk memudahkan para pengguna memuat-turun dan menggunakannya dalam mengakses perkhidmatan

Reading Consumer Behavior

Astro Awani - Bisnes Alternatif (2012 May 4th) Social media way of trading! - Memudahkan Penjualan Barangan Yang Tidak Digunakan (2012 April 30th)

Perkhidmatan jual-beli di Malaysia dijangka akan terus meningkat pada tahun ini, dimana selain daripada beberapa laman web sedia ada yang memfokuskan kepada perkhidmatan jual-beli, terkini sebuah perkhidmatan baru dilancarkan, dinamakan sebagai, membolehkan orang ramai menjual barangan mereka dengan mudah.

Entrepreneur of the Month

Personal Money Magazine (2012 April 24th)

This week, we will be highlighting the entrepreneurs that we spoke to for this month's cover story. First up, meet Fadzli Shah Anuar, 26 (centre, seen with partners Muhammad Harris and Arsyan Ismail). He is the founder and director of Nest Apps Sdn Bhd. They develop Voucheres, a location-based advertising application that is soon to be launched. His most notable quote: "We have yet to draw a salary, as the money given to us for this start-up is being reinvested into the business. We're taking a huge risk with this venture, but we're looking at it long-term. Hopefully, all this hard work will pay off." Picture credit: Izwan Nizam

Mobile Development Industry

Astro Awani - Vantage Point (2012 April 20th)

The mobile ecosystem - As it gets competitive more Android phones stepped up their game - beefed up their specs and also tries (hard) to play catch up in the design department (which more or less resembles the iPhone, one way or the other). How has Android mobile ecosystem developed in the wake of Apple's iOS? What about the third player - Windows Phone -?

Ctrl + Alt + Compete: The story of startups

SME Malaysia - ICT Buzz (2012 March 1st)

Making the perfect pitch

The Star - Business (2012 February 23rd)

THE first night of the Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2012 recently saw the first “Developer Launch Pad” programme where 12 homegrown start-up companies showcased their products.

An Increased Appriciation for Social Media

The Edge NetV@lue (2012 February 20th)

Tambah Ganjaran

Harian Metro Rap (2012 January 12th)

VoucHEREs Bakal Dilancarkan Dalam Bentuk Beta Pada 21 Januari (2012 January 9th)

Salah satu syarikat tempatan yang kini mula mendapat perhatian ramai sejak memenangi program Make The Pitch adalah VoucHEREs yang mana menawarkan diskaun dan kupon berasaskan geolokasi kepada para pengguna. Kini, pihak pembangun mereka telah pun memaklumkan kepada pihak Amanz yang mana VoucHEREs akan dilancarkan dalam bentuk beta pada 21 Januari kelak.

Pitch Perfect

New Straight Times (2012 January 9th)

The inaugural season of Make The Pitch discovered business-savvy entrepreneurs with irresistible ideas

Juara Rancangan Make The Pitch Musim 1 (2012 January 9th)

RM1.4juta berjaya direbut dalam merealisasikan idea hebat usahawan dalam Rancangan Make The Pitch Musim 1

Sesi melontarkan idea mungkin dilihat antara tugas rutin para usahawan dalam mendapatkan dana buat menjayakan ilham perniagaan mereka malah sifat keyakinan pada diri juga antara kriteria penting dalam alam perniagaan yang sememangnya mencabar. Bagi para usahawan yang bersaing dalam rancangan ‘Make The Pitch’ yang disiarkan di ntv7, sesi berkongsi idea hebat bertukar kepada medan pertempuran mereka dengan sifat asertif dan keyakinan mereka yang tinggi. Mungkin tidak ramai yang berani berkongsi ilham perniagaan hebat mereka kepada juri namun hanya tiga yang menjadi perhatian dan mereka kini telah bergelar juara di dalam Make The Pitch untuk musim pertama pada 4 Januari 2012 yang lalu.

Si juara MyEG Make The Pitch 2011

Sinar Harian (2012 January 8th)

VoucHEREs Menjuarai Make The Pitch – RM700,000 Untuk Memperluaskannya (2012 January 5th)

Ingat tak lagi berkenaan dengan aplikasi VoucHEREs yang pernah kami tulis akan sebelum ini? Ianya masih lagi belum dilancarkan buat masa ini, tetapi pembangunnya baru-baru ini telah menyertai acara Make The Pitch yang diadakan oleh pihak MyEG dengan kerjasama pihak MDEC, sekaligus kini menjadi juara pertandingan tersebut, membolehkan mereka memperluaskannya melalui dana yang diberikan.

NTV7 Make The Pitch Season 1

Astro 708 (2011 November 30th)